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Celebration of Glass Activities

  • March 31 to April 15  #wildfloats 2022 

  • April 2-3 and April 9th  Beach clean ups. Return debris to McCausland Hall Saturday April 2nd noon to 4 and Saturday April 9th till 4:00 PM for raffle tickets

  • Celebration of Glass show and experts Saturday April 9th, 10-4 McCausland Hall

  • Sunday April 10th  Beach walk with Alan Rammer

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“A Celebration of Glass”


It is Beachcombing season and despite the reality of Covid and the continued need for care and social distancing, this traditional outdoor South Beach activity is in full swing. #Wildfloats is underway with the Societies “Float Fairies” and wranglers and our post King Tide cleans up continue with the dedicated local stewards of our beaches.  The impact of the pandemic has unfortunately curtailed and or rescheduled many events. The Driftwood Show that would have been held this April 2nd and 3rd has moved to late August 2022. As a keep the date alive effort the Society is sponsoring the traditional outdoor clean ups, “Dash for Trash” as well as an additional #wildfloat hunt and a new Float Collectors Showcase.  On Saturday April 9th, 10:00-4:00 Museum guests will be able to visit with a group of renowned float collectors, see unique floats displayed in the Lens hall and Maritime Museum and have a chance to buy, sell and trade with the experts. We are encouraging a bit of a “roadshow” as well, if you have floats that have been sitting around or part of a family story of our beachcombing past, bring them in for review by our experts. Sunday the 10th will include float collectors and beach walk activities with noted beachcomber Alan Rammer.

This Showcase will not include food or other activities, this is a Celebration of Beachcombing and collecting glass floats. The Museum will operate under protocols established with the State Historical Society for Museums and engagement during Covid guidance. We do ask in advance that guests understand that docents my limit numbers as needed in each of the three areas.

Cleaning locations will be Westhaven, Ocean Ave, Twin Harbors, Grayland Beach, Warrenton-Cannery Rd. People wishing to turn in their trash for review and chance for the large float drawings should return their collected material to the Maritime Museum by 3:00 PM Saturday April 9th.  Bags can be checked out at the Maritime Museum, Friday before and Saturday AM. 

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