The Westport Maritime Museum was created from a Cape Cod style Coast Guard Station situated at the Marina facing the boat docks, Grays Harbor and, in the distance, the mighty Olympics. Each room within the facility tells its own story. Scroll down to read more about our current exhibits, and watch this space! We'll be adding more great photos and fascinating facts. 


Entering on the main floor, visitors are directed to the former mess deck which is now a check-in desk and gift shop filled with maritime items, souvenirs, Coast Guard memorabilia and other fun choices. 

Day Room (Beach Room)

The room depicting beach life in the area is a great favorite. Shell collections and local beach finds line the room, along with displays illustrating the building of the jetties. The spectacular display of glass floats in the center of the room will take your breath away. 

Officer of the Day (Revolving Exhibit Room)

Always a treat! You might find an artists work, a family collection, something on ecology or a safety information segment. Come see "what's up next." Currently we feature a display of work by artist Bob McCausland. Carved birds, cartoon sketches, and other cards and paintings give you a glimpse of the wonderful artistic ability of this friend of the museum and community. 

Main Office & Commanding Officers Office (Coast Guard Rooms)

These rooms are dedicated to the Coast Guard's activities, beach patrols, the SPARS (first women Coast Guard members). You'll get a great look at lifesaving procedures of the past as well as a closer look at some "Heroes of the Coast Guard."

Commanders Quarters (Shipwreck Room)

Take a chilling look at shipwrecks from days past, marvel at intricate ship models, examine items recovered from shipwrecks, and check out the local shipwreck map. 


The second floor was the sleeping quarters for the Coast Guard. They slept four to a room in four rooms, you can see where their lockers were in two of the four rooms:


Room 1: BO'S'N MATES (Fishing Room)

This room is dedicated to the fishing industry. You'll see models of boats, types of things used in fishing, and large mounted salmon and crabs. One entire wall describes the whaling station of the past, all in the former Boatswain's Mates quarters. 

Room 2: SEAMEN (Community History)

This room is set aside for trinkets and treasures from our community's history. The Seamen's sleeping quarters includes information on the hotels that were provided for tourists who arrived on the paddle wheeler to vacation here on the peninsula. 

Room 3: ENGINEERS (Rescue Room)

A hands-on experience of a Coast Guard Sea-Air rescue. Bring your imagination and come enjoy this area where the Engineers of the Coast Guard used to sleep. 


Native peoples of this area found the peninsula thousands of years ago. They were the area's first fishermen, first beachcombers, first campers, first settlers. The room used as the Watch Standers bedroom by the Coast Guard honors our First Peoples. 


Header photo by Pete Lerro © 2018