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U.S. Coast Guard Boat Program

Currently, at the Westport Maritime Museum, we have a 30' Surf Boat on display. The 30609 has been displayed for many years behind the museum. We also have four other Coast Guard boats that are being restored for future display. 

The 44385 is behind McCausland Hall, when you visit the museum you can check it out. Eventually it will be displayed on the front lawn presenting a great photo op, with the museum as a backdrop. 

The 36391 arrived on August 16, 2021 and will be stored indoors until a display building is built in the future. 

The 30429 also arrived on August 16, 2021 it will be displayed on the museum grounds in the near future.

The 40400 needs a lot of work. It's stored offsite and waiting for its turn for restoration, after which it will be displayed at the museum. 


30609 Museum.jpg
30609 Jerrod.jpg
44385 Chief Jerry Bob.jpg
36391 Underway.jpg
36391 2.jpg
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